Is It Time to Add More Insulation to Your Attic?

Is It Time to Add More Insulation to Your Attic?

Is It Time to Add More Insulation to Your Attic?Are you on the hunt for more ways to save energy in your Peachtree City home? If you’ve already air-sealed your home, basement, and attic, the next best step may be to check your attic insulation and add more insulation as needed. Your attic is often the easiest space to add more insulation to increase your home’s energy efficiency and your overall indoor comfort.

Do I Already Have Enough?

No matter what type of insulation is currently in your attic, a simple and quick way to determine whether you need more is to look across the whole of your attic space. If the exposed insulation is either level or below your floor joists – meaning your joists are easily visible – you should consider adding more. If the floor joists aren’t readily visible because you have plenty of insulation stuffed above them, then you probably have enough insulation installed and adding any more won’t be so cost-effective. Ensure that existing insulation is evenly distribution without the appearance of any low spots. Too often, homeowners will have adequate insulation in the central area of their attic, but insufficient amounts along their eaves. Adding insulation to your attic’s eaves can be done by installing rafter vents.

How Much Should I Add?

Insulation levels are defined by industry-termed R-Values. R-Values are a measurement of an insulation’s capability of resisting heat flow. The greater an insulation’s R-Value, the superior its thermal performance. Peachtree City homeowners should insulate their attics to R-38, or around 10 to 14 inches depending on type of insulation used.

What’s The Right Type of Insulation?

If you already have some insulation in your attic, you don’t have to add the same type when you want to add more. Loose fill can be added on top of fiberglass blankets or batts, and vice-versa. However, if you do choose to add loose fill insulation, you may consider contacting a professional due to the necessity of using an industry-specific blowing machine.

To learn more about how to best add more insulation, and other HVAC solutions, contact your Peachtree City HVAC experts at Powers Heating & Air.

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