Shopping for a New Water Heater Made Easier With These Tips

Shopping for a New Water Heater Made Easier With These Tips

Shopping for a New Water Heater Made Easier With These Tips

Water heaters can seem complicated, which makes buying a new one difficult. Picking the right unit is important so that your home’s hot water needs are met. Keep these four tips in mind when shopping for a new water heater.

  1. Pick a fuel. The type of fuel you go with will determine the range of options you have available to you. Common fuels like electricity will give you the biggest range of options, while less common fuels like propane may limit options significantly. Look into the availability and year round cost of different fuel options to compare and select the best. Look into oil, natural gas, solar energy and geothermal energy on top of electricity.

  2. Decide on efficiency. A more efficient water heater is always desirable as it will result in lower heating bills. However, the more efficient a unit is, the more expensive it typically is as well. Do some rough calculations that incorporate the purchase price and expected energy bills of each unit to determine the optimal efficiency for your budget.

  3. Pick a type. You have two choices of heaters for your home: storage tank and tankless. Tankless heaters utilize newer technology to minimize space needed and wasted heat, but in return can’t deliver a high amount of hot water at one time and cost more to buy. Ask an HVAC professional about which option suits your home and budget better.

  4. Size your heater. Sizing a heater is important so that you have enough hot water when you need it and so you don’t waste heat and space. An HVAC technician can calculate the size your home and water use requires.

Implementing these tips can be tricky if it’s your first time shopping for a new water heater. For professional help in Peachtree City, contact the HVAC experts at Powers Heating & Air.

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