Is There Moisture in Your Basement? Stop Long-Term Problems

Is There Moisture in Your Basement? Stop Long-Term Problems

Is There Moisture in Your Basement? Stop Long-Term ProblemsYour basement may have a musky smell and damp air, and this can signify that you could have a major problem. Having moisture in your basement is more than an inconvenience; it can have severe long-term effects on your home.

One major problem of having a damp basement is the health problems that it may bring. Respiratory illnesses can be caused by the mold and bacteria that thrive in moist environments. If you or anyone in your home has asthma, it can also be irritated by the same particles in the air.

Structural damage is another major issue with a humid basement. The following aspects of your home can be impacted because of the moisture:

  • rotting wood in your home’s structure
  • cracking concrete floors
  • destruction of paint on your walls

These structural issues demand immediate attention, otherwise your home will be in danger. For both health, safety, and financial concerns, finding the source of your moisture problem and reducing the it should be an immediate concern.

Although Peachtree City can be quite humid in the summer, the source of your problem may not only be weather-related. You may have a leak in your home, and a simple repair job will solve the problem. For weather-related humidity, there is a different fix. Your A/C should be removing some of the humidity in the air of your home, but there may be a leak in the air ducts causing the system to be less efficient. The system may also may need a little help doing the job, and an efficient dehumidifier can remove some of the excess moisture in the air.

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