Dust Bunnies are Not Cute — Easy Ways to Minimize Dust in Your Home

Dust Bunnies are Not Cute — Easy Ways to Minimize Dust in Your Home

Dust Bunnies are Not Cute -- Easy Ways to Minimize Dust in Your HomeFluffy bunnies at your local pet store likely provoke smiles and coos, but dust bunnies under your furniture are more likely to cause grumbles and sighs of annoyance. Dust bunnies are little clumps of debris, pet fur, dust, spider webs, and other not-so-nice ingredients held together by static electricity.

In your Georgia or Peachtree City home, dust bunnies can also wreak havoc. They can harm delicate electronics and can clog air and dust filters, which can hurt air quality. In some cases, they even contain dust mites that trigger allergies.

So how can you get rid of dust bunnies in your home? There are several ways you can minimize dust:

1) Clean regularly. Be especially vigilant under and behind furniture and in corners, where spider webs and dust can lurk.

2) Get rid of dry air in your home. Dry air can make your skin drier and can cause static electricity, both of which can contribute to dust bunnies. A whole home humidifier or small humidifier can make your home more comfortable and may help minimize dust.

3) Tackle your air ducts. Air ducts can blow dust all over your home, so have them cleaned and fix any air duct leaks. When the return duct leaks, especially, it can cause dust to enter your home.

4) Replace air filters in your furnace, air conditioner, and other home systems. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for how often to change the filter. In general, once a month may not be too often. Once you have the filters changed, use duct tape that is metal-backed to keep the filters in place. Be sure to note on your calendar when filters need to be replaced again.

5) Keep debris out. Leave your shoes at the door to prevent tracking in debris and ensure that your clothes dryer vent is clean and not leaking lint into your home. Close any air leaks in your home.

If you need help with the air ducts or other HVAC components in your home, contact us at Powers Heating & Air. Our Peachtree City family business would be happy to help.

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