Basic Attic Fan Maintenance for Mid Summer Comfort

Basic Attic Fan Maintenance for Mid Summer Comfort

Basic Attic Fan Maintenance for Mid Summer ComfortWhen the hot summer sun has been beating down on your Peachtree, GA roof all day, it’s hard to keep your cool. It’s hard for your attic to keep its cool, too, without an attic fan. If your attic fan is broken or needs maintenance, even with your air conditioning running constantly, it can be difficult to keep your house cool.

Operating your attic fan when the air outside your home is cooler than the air inside will lower your indoor upstairs temperatures, resulting in reducing air conditioner expenses and overall home energy savings.

Basic Attic Fan Maintenance for Mid Summer Comfort

Generally, your attic fan won’t require annual maintenance, but should be inspected and professionally services every couple of years by a licensed HVAC expert. There are, however, a couple of easy maintenance task homeowners can do themselves:

  • Lubricate the oil ports every few years in order to keep the motor running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Clean the fan shutters that vent hot air from your home every few years.
  • Wash the fan blades every few years, to remove dust and grime.

Professional Attic Fan Maintenance

To keep your attic fan running in tip-top shape during the hot summer months, schedule a seasonal inspection and HVAC maintenance appointment. Your inspection may reveal that your attic fan needs maintenance, parts replaced, or a replacement of the entire unit. Common repairs include:

  • Direct drive: Units where the blades are directly connected to the motor generally are not reparable because there are no parts available. Models with timers and variable speed switches may be reparable if the issue is with the switch and not the motor.
  • Belt drive: While some whole house belt-driven attic fans can be fixed or adjusted, many times it is less expensive to just upgrade to a more quiet, energy-efficient model.
  • Attic exhaust fans: For these units, it is usually impractical to attempt repairs. Replacing the entire unit is the best option.

For more information about basic attic fan maintenance for mid summer comfort in your Fayette or Coweta County home, call the experts at Powers Heating & Air today.

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  1. It is good to know that attic fans should only have to be maintained every couple of years. We just moved into a home with attic fans, and the previous owner didn’t say when they were maintained last. I will have to get up there, and see if they look like they need to be dusted.

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