Keep a Healthy HVAC System and Home — Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Keep a Healthy HVAC System and Home — Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Keep a Healthy HVAC System and Home -- Have Your Ducts CleanedOne key to a healthy, clean and comfortable home is making sure your home gets an air duct cleaning when necessary. As your HVAC system works, some dust is naturally deposited in your air ducts. An air duct cleaning will get rid of this, but can also get rid of any mold, mildew, debris, vermin, or foreign matter that has worked its way into your duct work.

Sometimes dirt and insulation from inside the walls can get sucked into your air system and obstruct airflow if it is not properly sealed. Mice and other vermin can also get into damaged duct work. You can have the technician check for air leaks at the same time they are cleaning your ducts if you suspect that may be a problem.

If your house has been more dusty than usual lately, or you can visibly see particles coming out of your room registers along with the air, that is a good sign that a duct cleaning would be a beneficial idea. It can also help with allergies to have your ducts cleaned.

If you have your ducts inspected and cleaned you’re also more likely to find small leaks and damage before they become a bigger and costly issue. Air leaks are a big deal because they can pull unknown debris into the air circulating through your home, but also because air leaks make your heating and cooling system less effective. This drives up your utility bills, since part of the air you’re paying to filter and then heat (or cool) is either not making it to the living spaces of your house, or being mixed with unfiltered outside air.

Be sure to check the qualifications and certifications of any contractor you contact to clean your ducts. Currently, per the EPA, there are no approved chemicals for specifically killing bacterial or fungal contaminants in your air ducts, so be sure you are well-informed of any possible side effects of chemical “biocide” the contractor would like to use.

For more information and advice on whether to get an air duct cleaning, contact Powers Heating & Air.

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