The Basic Cost of a Furnace Installation Will Surprise You

The Basic Cost of a Furnace Installation Will Surprise You

The Basic Cost of a Furnace Installation Will Surprise YouYou’ve been dreading fall because the last time you turned your furnace on, it was clanging and banging. You know it is time to finally replace the furnace, but you’re not looking forward to the sticker shock of a replacement.  After all, it kept you warm for 20 years. Now it’s time to quiet it forever and get a new furnace installed before the first cold snap hits this fall. Considering the options,  furnace installation cost may be less than you think.

  • Natural gas furnaces are most common and have mid-range installation costs.
  • Furnaces powered by electricity have a low installation cost, the average is a couple of thousand dollars, but heating costs are high and they are not effective for heating large areas.
  • Heat pumps are a popular option. Air source heat pumps are the least expensive and most economical to install. Ground source heat pumps have a higher installation fee due to the extensive ground work. The cost is justified because the heat pump also works as both a furnace and an air conditioner. These systems are not necessarily a good idea in areas with extreme cold.

Talk to a professional installer about furnace installation in your home before you start furnace shopping so you know what to look for. Energy efficiency will be important, along with some other deciding factors like size and name brand.

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