How to Enjoy Back-to-School Energy Savings in Peachtree

How to Enjoy Back-to-School Energy Savings in Peachtree

How to Enjoy Back-to-School Energy Savings in PeachtreeWhen the kids are all home from school and running around the house watching TV, playing video games and blasting the air conditioning, chances are you’re spending a pretty hefty amount on your energy bill. However, when the kids go back to school, you may be able to find some ways to offset those high summer costs. Use this guide to help you understand how you can take advantage of back-to-school energy savings this fall.

  • Turn the thermostat up about four or five degrees. When nobody is home, you don’t need to keep the air running just so your house is comfortable. Instead, install a programmable thermostat that will save the air off when you’re not home and bring it back to a comfortable temperature right before you return from work and the kids are back from school.
  • Close the blinds in your kids’ rooms. The sunshine is a great way to keep kids alert and happy through the day, but when they’re not home, open blinds will just be warming your home up for no reason. The A/C will have to fight all of that sunshine which is just going to cost you money that could otherwise remain your bank account.
  • Unplug electronics that your kids aren’t using anymore. Don’t leave electronics like televisions and video game consoles plugged in to sap electricity. Even when they aren’t on, most modern electrical devices pull a little bit of power. That can add up when they’re left on 24/7.
  • Get an HVAC checkup. Your A/C has been running all summer, likely nonstop for the most part. Pretty soon you’ll be turning on the heat. Back-to-school time is pretty much the perfect time to get an HVAC checkup from a skilled technician. If you don’t, you could end up paying a lot more in repairs than a simple checkup would have cost you.

Contact Powers Heating & Air for more information about back-to-school energy savings and how you can reap the rewards on your energy bill. We proudly serve all of Fayette and Coweta counties and look forward to serving your home too.

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