Can an Air Source Heat Pump Warm Your Home Enough in Winter?

Can an Air Source Heat Pump Warm Your Home Enough in Winter?

Can an Air Source Heat Pump Warm Your Home Enough in Winter?When it comes to keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient, there are various routes to take. It’s important to keep your home well-insulated, naturally and you might consider having a home energy audit done. You may even decide to have your outdated furnace replaced. If this is the case, why not consider a more energy-efficient option, such as an air-source heat pump?

Rather than using fuel to create heat, an air-source heat pump works by extracting heat from the air outside. The heat from the air turns liquid refrigerant, stored in coils, into gas. When the refrigerant turns back to liquid it gives off heat, which is then used to warm the home. This is extremely efficient up to a certain outdoor temperature, normally around 40 degrees F. Below that point, backup heating is needed, so a secondary system will have to be installed.

Another type of heat pump is the reverse cycle chiller, which heats and cools water instead of air and operates better in colder temperatures than an air-source heat pump. And cold climate and all-climate heat pumps both work efficiently in extremely cold temperatures. Still, there’s little need to worry about such dramatic drops in temperature here in Georgia!

One thing to keep in mind with an air-source heat pump is the balance point, where the capacity of the heat pump (which decreases as the temperature drops) and the heating needs of your home (which increase as the temperature drops) intersect. On average this usually ranges from 27-35 degrees F. Once the balance point is reached, backup heating such as an adapted gas furnace, oil burner or electrical heating will kick in. You can lower your balance point and lessen the need for the backup system by checking for and repairing drafts, installing more insulation, sealing gaps in doors and windows – anything that will help keep your home warmer.

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