Should You Use Your Attic Fan in Fall?

Should You Use Your Attic Fan in Fall?

Should You Use Your Attic Fan in Fall?As fall approaches, you may be wondering if you should be using attic fans to reduce your utility bills and improve indoor comfort levels. Although there is not a simple “yes” or “no” answer, analyzing the condition of your attic’s insulation and ventilation can help you make informed decisions when the time comes to decide whether or not to turn on your attic fan switch.

Since attic fans are designed to cool hot attics by drawing in outdoor air through the soffit and gable vents while pushing hot attic air outdoors, checking for adequate ventilation as well as sufficient insulation between the attic space and your living space makes the difference between attic fans that lower your energy costs to conditions which can actually increase utility bills.

Unfortunately, blocked soffit vents are a common source of household energy losses and reduced home comfort, as blocked attic vents prevent the natural movement of air within your attic space. In an attic with proper ventilation, hot air enters the lower soffit and rafter vents while exiting the gable vent at the top of your home. Attic fans increase the airflow in this cycle, potentially cooling a hot attic when proper ventilation conditions exist.

Insulation between your attic and living space is another critical factor to consider before using attic fans. In homes without adequate attic insulation, conditioned air from your living space tends to be drawn upwards into your attic, increasing your utility bills and reducing indoor comfort. Using an attic fan in this situation will only increase energy losses and further reduce indoor comfort levels.

In homes with proper attic ventilation and insulation, using an attic fan during cooler fall weather can save you money and increase the comfort within your home. If you are uncertain if your attic is up to par for efficient attic fan use, contact an HVAC professional for a complete inspection.

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