Think About Having Water Heater Maintenance Performed for the Fall

Think About Having Water Heater Maintenance Performed for the Fall

Think About Having Water Heater Maintenance Performed for the FallAs the outside temperatures fall, your water heater has to work harder to maintain the proper temperature. Because of this, it is important to perform a water heater maintenance inspection. When you’re ready, follow these tips for optimal performance.

Step One: Check Temperature Settings

The standard factory temperature setting on a water heater is generally 140 degrees, which is at least 20 degrees hotter than it needs to be, particularly in the colder months. By lowering the setting to 120 degrees at the highest, you can reduce energy consumption and increase the life of your water heater.

Step Two: Flush Out Sediment

At least twice a year, more often if you have hard water, you should drain about a quarter of the water from the heater to flush out any sediment or other deposits. After attaching a hose to the drain valve, allow the water to run until it comes out clear.

Step Three: Test Relief Valve

As water is heated, pressure builds within the tank and needs an outlet to avoid the tank from cracking, or exploding, which is why it’s important to ensure the temperature pressure relief valve is in proper working order. Quickly discharge the valve a few times and then keep an eye out for leaks.

Step Four: Inspect Insulation

You want to make sure your water heater’s insulation is in good repair, in the proper quantity, and away from the flue. This is particularly important for older units, as they did not generally come insulated for optimal energy efficiency.

Step Five: Check Sacrificial Anode Rod

If you have not inspected the sacrificial anode rod within the past three to five years, you should do so during your fall water heater maintenance. The rod, which prevents tank corrosion at the cost of itself, should have no more than six inches of steel wire core exposed. If it does, it should be replaced to maintain the life of your water heater.

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