Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Fresh and Clean With These Simple Steps

Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Fresh and Clean With These Simple Steps

Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Fresh and Clean With These Simple StepsIf you are concerned about indoor air quality (IAQ) and keeping your home’s air fresh, a number of simple changes can make a big difference. Since clean water is just as essential as clean air, preventing groundwater contamination also makes good sense for anyone concerned about reducing pollution levels in their home.

Many common household products contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which can cause respiratory distress in susceptible individuals; some are even suspected carcinogens. Although some of the items in the following list are intended for outdoor use, ultimately, groundwater pollution affects the water we drink indoors. By eliminating the use of the following products and replacing them with simple, tried and true alternatives, you will create a healthier home environment:

  • Harsh chemical cleaning products, which release poisonous vapors when they are used to “clean” your home. Try using diluted vinegar as an all purpose cleaner; adding baking soda provides gentle abrasion and a whitening effect. Completely natural cleaning products are also readily available.
  • Synthetic fragrances, which are one of the most significant culprits you must battle in your effort to keep your homes air fresh. Because they are so common, it can be challenging to completely eliminate them; read ingredient lists carefully, and only select products without “fragrance” or “parfum.” Again, substituting vinegar or baking soda works well to eliminate household odors which chemical fragrances only cover up.
  • Antibacterial soaps, which are linked with a number of health problems, including thyroid issues. Studies confirm that regular soap and water kills germs just as well without side effects.
  • Synthetic pesticides and herbicides, used indoors or out. Indoor pests can be controlled through eliminating any food sources; outdoor weed control can be accomplished by hand.
  • Any coal-tar based driveway sealant, which is best eliminated by replacing your paved driveway with gravel or using a driveway sealant free of coal-tar.

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