Do You Know The Benefits of a Condensing Furnace?

Do You Know The Benefits of a Condensing Furnace?

Do You Know The Benefits of a Condensing Furnace?When looking for a furnace for your home, there are two main types to consider. One is the conventional furnace, and the other is the condensing furnace. The condensing furnace features a number of perks that give it a definite advantage when heating your home.

Condensing furnaces have efficiency ratings ranging from 90 to 98 percent AFUE. This level of efficiency in a furnace means that less fuel is needed annually, which can save you more money. It also means that the furnace itself will spend less time running to keep the same space heated, thus lasting longer. Higher efficiency is a good thing and should also lower the cost of the furnace over its lifetime.

So, how does the condensing furnace achieve all of these efficiencies? Many of the components of both furnace types are similar in function and design. The difference between them is found in the heat extraction process. A condensing furnace is much more efficient in extracting heat from the combustion process, as if features two heat exchangers instead of only one.

The primary heat exchange works the same as a conventional furnace, but the secondary heat exchange seals in the exhaust gases from the primary exchange and extracts heat from them a second time until they condense, which is where the condenser furnace gets its name. That extra exchange is what gives the condenser furnace a boost of efficiency. As the season gets colder, a new furnace might be a good choice for saving more money on heating. If you’re in need of a new furnace, make sure to consider these benefits of a condensing gas furnace.

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