A Malfunctioning Heating System Needs Troubleshooting — Here’s Help

A Malfunctioning Heating System Needs Troubleshooting — Here’s Help

A Malfunctioning Heating System Needs Troubleshooting — Here’s HelpIs something wrong with your heating system? While we always recommend consulting with an expert for the best advice, there are some things you can do when troubleshooting heating issues. Start with these simple tasks, and see if you can isolate the problem.

Check the Thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is on the proper setting and that the heating option is turned on. Once you’ve verified the settings are where they should be, check the circuit breaker to make sure the power is on. Turn it off, wait 30 seconds and then turn it back on again.

It’s also important to note that the furnace may not come on if the door isn’t completely closed. If you have a battery-operated thermostat, be sure the batteries are working. If you have a service panel with fuses, determine if the fuses are blown or burnt.

Did You Change the Filter?

Depending on which type of filter your system uses, make sure it’s clean, either by changing or cleaning it regularly. Most systems feature disposable filters that require monthly changing, as dirty filters can impede air flow. Make sure the door is secured properly.  Most furnaces do not operate it the door is not secured.

Igniter Mechanism

Central heating systems powered by natural gas or propane are ignited either by a pilot (generally in older models) or an igniter switch. Check to see if the pilot light is lit, and if not, follow directions for relighting it. With an igniter switch, verify that the thermostat has power, and if the system still doesn’t come on shut the power off to the furnace.

After five minutes, you can turn it back on. If this doesn’t do the trick, verify whether or not you have gas. If you do and the igniter still doesn’t work after reset, you probably need a new one, and if you’re not up to the job of replacing it, call a professional.

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