Properly Maintain Your Attic Fan for Long-Term Use

Properly Maintain Your Attic Fan for Long-Term Use

Properly Maintain Your Attic Fan for Long-Term Use Even if your attic isn’t habitable, it can make a big impact on home comfort. That’s because this area is the interface between indoor and outdoor temperatures. During the winter, warm air can rise into your attic space and seep out. In contrast, during the summer, the sun heats your roof and radiates warmth down into your living areas. An attic fan can help manage attic temperatures, which means that knowing how to maintain your attic fan is essential for maintaining home comfort.

When it’s hot outside, your attic fan is an important source of ventilation. It can be used to exhaust warm air from your attic space, making sure that heat doesn’t remain trapped in your home. However, when your attic fan is on, be sure that the windows in the lower levels of your home are open. Otherwise, your fan will have to work harder, creating a negative pressure environment in your home. This can draw humid air from outdoors in through cracks in your walls and windows, increasing wear and tear on your fan motor.

In general, it’s easy to maintain your attic fan. Some whole-house models have oil ports which allow you to lubricate your fan as needed. Cleaning fan shutters and blades once a year is sufficient and can help your fan work as effectively as possible. In addition, you should make sure that ventilation channels in your attic are not blocked or obstructed and are large enough for your fan’s cubic feet per minute rating.

To learn more about how to maintain your attic fan and how to manage your attic environment, call Powers Heating & Air today! We’re proud to help homeowners in the Peachtree City area meet their HVAC goals.

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