Repair Ductwork Holes in Your Home by Following These Simple Steps

Repair Ductwork Holes in Your Home by Following These Simple Steps

Repair Ductwork Holes in Your Home by Following These Simple StepsThe airflow through your home’s HVAC system relies on the pressurization of ductwork. Any holes, cracks or separations in your ductwork allows air to escape, and leaks in the system can decrease its efficiency. You’ll even notice your utility bills seem higher than normal.

You can repair ductwork holes on your own by following these simple steps.

  • Turn your thermostat off, don your safety glasses and do a thorough inspection of your system’s ducts, noting any areas with holes.
  • Use a soft damp rag to clean the surface of your ducts, paying close attention around holes to remove any dust and dirt.
  • Have your roll of aluminum sealing tape at the ready. It is best to work with 6-inches of tape at a time to avoid the tape sticking to itself. Unwind 6-inches, peel of the backing, adhere the tape and then unwind another 6-inches.
  • You’re going to wrap the exterior of the duct with the tape, beginning at least 1-inch above the hole and continuing until you’ve covered at least 1-inch below the hole. The tape should slightly overlap itself on each pass. Make sure the hole is covered by at least three secure layers of tape, so it’s completely sealed.
  • Use a putty knife to go over each layer of tape, so you get a completely airtight seal on each pass.
  • Cut the tape with a pair of scissors when you’re done, firmly adhering its tail. Make sure you collect all of the wax paper backing, so nothing’s left behind in the duct.

There are several widths of tape to choose from. Always select a width that will cover the hole in a single pass. If a hole is larger than the largest width option, the duct may require a sheet metal patch.

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