Signs You Should Get Your A/C Ducts Cleaned

Signs You Should Get Your A/C Ducts Cleaned

Signs You Should Get Your A/C Ducts CleanedYour A/C ducts convey conditioned air through your HVAC system and living space. Recirculation of conditioned air generally occurs many times a day during peak season. The more efficient your ducts are designed and maintained, the greater comfort you’ll enjoy with lower energy bills. If your ducts haven’t been inspected or cleaned recently, keep reading so you can tell when you should get your A/C ducts cleaned.

Signs Ducts Need Cleaning

A/C ducts can become contaminated with dirt, debris, mold, vermin waste, pests and more. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that A/C ducts be cleaned as needed. The following situations and conditions are common signs your ducts need cleaning:

  • A household occupant is suffering from respiratory ailments, such as asthma, allergies or COPA.
  • You see visible mold growth in your ductwork, on supply outlets, A/C coils and/or A/C drip pans.
  • Your A/C coil and duct runs have dirt buildup.
  • You find leaks, disjointed ducts, damage or holes in your ductwork that allows attic or basement air into the system.
  • You find insects or vermin inside your ducts.
  • Dust or debris discharge from the supply outlets when your A/C or heat turn on.
  • You’ve undertaken an interior design project or retrofit, resulting in more dust and debris accumulation in your living space.

Clean Ducts, Efficient Ducts

Free airflow is vital for maximizing A/C performance and cooling efficiency. When airflow is obstructed by dirty ducts, your A/C uses more energy and your indoor air quality suffers. Dirty ducts can also create noises and disruptions in peaceful homes.

Working with Your Contractor

Work closely with your HVAC contractor, so you know what to expect during the duct cleaning process. Ask how to prepare for the visit, and set aside several hours. Narrow your contractor search to only those experienced with duct cleaning, as well as contractors that are licensed, bonded and insured. A poor duct cleaning job by an unqualified person is more detrimental than no duct cleaning at all.

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