Maintenance 101: Have a Pro Inspect Your HVAC System

Maintenance 101: Have a Pro Inspect Your HVAC System

Maintenance 101: Have a Pro Inspect Your HVAC SystemYour HVAC system is one of the most costly investments and sources of energy consumption in your home. Yet, neglected and dirty HVAC systems are the primary reason for service calls and system failures. Bring in a pro to inspect your ductwork system this season, and enjoy lower energy bills and greater comfort all year-round.

Thermostat Controls

Your HVAC pro will test your thermostat in all modes. With your system running, your technician will listen for unusual noises caused by rattling ducts or grinding blower bearings. Popping and knocking noises may indicate duct movement, contact with building structure and/or contact between the duct trunk and plenum.

Heating and Cooling Systems

All furnace or heat pump components should be inspected for safe operation, leaks, cracks and cleanliness. Combustion parts and ports are then tested and cleaned. Dirty components can cause rumbling noises in your furnace, resulting in lower heating efficiency (AFUE). Afterwards, your flue or sealed venting should be inspected for leaks and corrosion, while the heat exchanger is checked for corrosion and cracks.

Next, the evaporator coil of the heat pump or A/C should be deep cleaned. Dirt and debris can stick to the wet surface of coils and fins, hindering heat exchange. The coil, fins, drip pan and drain line are then cleaned and chemically treated to prevent mold, bacteria and algae growth before the compressor is inspected and the refrigerant charge is measured.

Ductwork System

Next, your ducts should be inspected for sealing and insulation. Leaks, holes and disjointed ducts are then sealed with screws, mastic and foil-backed tape. Your technician will look for peeling tape and ducts in unconditioned spaces that don’t have insulation. This is a costly problem, so all ducts in unconditioned spaces should be insulated with fiberglass rolls or rigid fiber board.

Air Filter

Lastly, your air filter should be inspected, cleaned or replaced as needed. Check your filter as suggested by the manufacturer. A clogged filter can cause an HVAC system to fail and increase energy bills.

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