Improve Air Circulation by Installing Basement Ductwork

Improve Air Circulation by Installing Basement Ductwork

Improve Air Circulation by Installing Basement Ductwork Poor air circulation in your home is often due to incorrect duct design, sizing and installation. A practical solution to this common problem is to add more duct branches from the trunk to uncomfortable rooms. Installing basement ductwork may also be necessary for room additions and retrofits. Here are the basic steps an HVAC professional will perform when installing ductwork:

Evaluating Existing Ductwork

The existing ductwork in your home is inspected for holes, leaks, air tightness, damage and insulation R-values. Your HVAC pro will look for airflow obstructions, such as a stuck damper door, fallen ducts, dirty A/C coils and a clogged filter, which may be the cause of poor air circulation. You’ll be advised of any recommended repairs or modifications before work begins.

Installing Basement Ductwork

The goal of installing new or additional basement ductwork is to solve your comfort problem, of course. However, in terms of design, your ducts should be correctly sized, sealed and insulated for long-lasting comfort and energy efficiency. Professional tools and expertise are needed to perform the following ductwork installation steps.

  • A round or square hole is cut through your home’s flooring between joists for the supply register.
  • A wooden 2 x 4 frame is mounted between the joists to attach the register box.
  • For metal ductwork or flexduct, a section of the trunk is cut to install a boot for the new branch.
  • A Y or T branch is connected and sealed to the trunk.
  • The new duct branch is installed and sealed to the Y or T branch and to the register box.
  • Sheet metal ductwork needs to be insulated.
  • Both duct connections are sealed with sheet-metal screws, mastic and foil-backed tape (metal ducts) or secured with compression straps and foil-backed tape (flexducts).
  • The supply register is then attached inside the room.

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