Why Should You Invest in a Home Humidifier?

Why Should You Invest in a Home Humidifier?

Why Should You Invest in a Home Humidifier?Low home humidity can create a plethora of health and comfort problems for occupants, which range from painful static electric shocks to contracting more viruses. Dry indoor air is further exacerbated during the winter months by home heating, which can lower relative humidity even more. Keep reading to learn how investing in a home humidifier can alleviate health and comfort problems associated with dry air by supplying your home with the moisture it needs.

Better Health and Comfort

Dry indoor air is a real problem for many people, especially considering the number of hours we spend indoors. Air with low humidity removes moisture from the body more quickly than air with higher humidity. Dehydration can occur, which can cause fatigue and suppress immune system functions. Occupants with respiratory ailments, such as emphysema, asthma and allergies, may notice exacerbated symptoms.

Many viruses, germs and bacteria are known to proliferate in low humidity conditions. Occupants in a home with dry air may suffer from chapped skin, sore throat and dry nasal passages. Combined with a suppressed immune system, dry nasal and throat membranes can provide an ideal environment for virus infection.

Home Humidification

The solution to low indoor humidity is to add moisture. This is most easily accomplished with a home humidifier. Humidifiers are available in different sizes and types. Small table-top units can provide moisture to a small area, such as a child’s bedroom, while floor console models can provide humidification for a larger room.

For complete relief of adverse health effects and comfort issues, whole-home humidification is the way to go. Whole-home humidifiers attach to forced-air HVAC systems, while evaporative humidifiers use the furnace blower to evaporate water from a water panel and distribute water vapor through the ducts. A steam humidifier adds steam to ducted airflow, which tends to be more efficient and better for larger homes.

Speak with your HVAC professional to select and size the right home humidifier for your Peachtree City home. For more information about home humidification, please contact Powers Heating & Air.

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