Got Chills? Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Weatherized

Got Chills? Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Weatherized

Got Chills? Make Sure Your Home Is Properly WeatherizedIf your home gets chilly, you should ensure your home is properly weatherized. A weatherized home remains quite comfortable on any day.

Here are some ways you can weatherize your Peachtree City home:

  • Add caulk around any opening in your home’s exterior structure, starting with doors and window frames. You need to make sure any openings around the frame are sealed with caulk. Exterior openings, like dryer vents, electrical outlets, water spigots and air conditioning hoses, should also be sealed.
  • Install weatherstripping around the edges of all doors and windows. When they’re closed, the weatherstripping helps create a tight seal.
  • Place storm windows or plastic sheeting over exterior windows, especially on north-facing windows to provide an extra layer of protection.
  • Add foam gaskets beneath outlets on exterior walls. These outlet openings offer a sneaky way for drafts to enter your home.
  • Install insulation on the backside of your attic door. Many attic access points consist of either a board or piece of drywall. Drafts can move with ease around these barriers, so make sure to add insulation to the back of your attic door to keep cold air from passing through.
  • Keep your wood fireplace sealed. The glass doors in front of your fireplace can help keep drafts out of your home, so make sure they fit properly and can create a tight seal when closed.

The bonus of living in a weatherized home is that you’ll feel more comfortable in your Georgia home all year-long, while cutting your energy costs.

If you need help weatherizing your home, call Powers Heating & Air in the Peachtree City area today.

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