Lower Cooling Costs With These Helpful Tips

Lower Cooling Costs With These Helpful Tips

Lower Cooling Costs With These Helpful TipsWith another hot, humid summer looming, now’s the time to implement some smart strategies for keeping your cooling bills in check. These tips can help you enjoy a more comfortable home and lower cooling costs when the temperatures soar.

  • Install a programmable thermostat. Using a programmable thermostat to automate eight-hour temperature adjustments daily throughout the cooling season can cut your utility bills by one percent for every single-degree change in setting.
  • Seal and insulate ductwork. Leaky, uninsulated ducts can rob you of up to 30 percent of your A/C’s cooling output. To curb this waste, seal the duct joins and seams with metal-backed tape and wrap the ductwork in R-6 insulation.
  • Use ventilation fans. Eliminate excess humidity that increases your air conditioner’s workload by using kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans when cooking, showering or bathing.
  • Use ceiling fans. The movement of a ceiling fan’s rotating blades produce a wind chill effect that evaporates perspiration on your skin faster. That cool feeling can let you comfortably raise the thermostat setting by several degrees and lower your energy costs.
  • Install insulated window coverings. Not only does covering your windows with energy-efficient blinds or shades limit costly heat gain, it helps keep your home cool and comfortable on even the hottest days.
  • Curtail conditioned air loss. Stop conditioned air leaks by sealing up gaps around doors, windows and penetrations through the shell with either caulk, weatherstripping or expandable foam. Make sure the attic access hatch is well-sealed and insulated too, and check the insulation level on your attic floor.
  • Avoid heat-generating activities. Give the oven a rest during hot weather and cook outdoors on the grill instead. Hang dry your laundry rather than using the dryer, and skip the heated-dry feature on the dishwasher too.
  • Update inefficient cooling equipment. You can slash seasonal energy costs by up to 50 percent by upgrading to a new, efficient A/C. Opting for an Energy Star-certified unit can increase those savings by another 15 percent.

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