3 Home Ventilation Options to Cool Your Peachtree City Home

3 Home Ventilation Options to Cool Your Peachtree City Home

3 Home Ventilation Options to Cool Your Peachtree City HomeWhen you think of ways to keep your Peachtree City home cool, your thoughts probably go immediately to air conditioning. It’s certainly effective, but it’s not the most energy efficient way to keep the interior comfortable. On mild spring days and summer nights in Georgia, you can use home ventilation to cool off. Here are three options.

Natural Ventilation

On cool spring days, staying comfortable is often as simple as opening the windows and doors to let in a breeze. You can create cross ventilation by opening two windows directly across from each other.

On hot days, the most effective way to use natural ventilation is to open the windows at night and close them in the morning to trap cool air inside. Be sure to draw the curtains to block the summer sun’s glaring heat.


Ceiling fans are the most efficient way to cool an entire room at once with the wind chill effect. Box fans, floor fans and oscillating standing fans are also effective. Airflow over your skin  has the ability to make you feel a few degrees cooler while using a tiny fraction of the electricity needed for air conditioning.

Just remember, fans cool people with the wind chill effect, they don’t actually lower the temperature in the room, so turn off the fan when you leave to conserve energy.

Whole-House Fans

This type of home ventilation is installed in the attic. It’s different from an attic fan, which simply ventilates the attic and keeps the temperature there from getting too hot.

When a whole-house fan runs, it depressurizes the interior, drawing air in from the windows and up and out through the attic. Combine a whole-house fan with open windows at night to cool your home from the ground up. For the best performance and energy efficiency, you should rely on a professional to install your whole-house fan.

Clearly, home ventilation provides effective cooling in certain conditions without the high cost of air conditioning. For more energy saving tips, please contact Powers Heating & Air. We’ve proudly served Peachtree City with integrity and professionalism since 2001.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Peachtree City, Georgia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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