Ways to Conserve Energy in Your Peachtree City Home This Summer

Ways to Conserve Energy in Your Peachtree City Home This Summer

Ways to Conserve Energy in Your Peachtree City Home This SummerAre you tired of paying high energy bills to keep your home cool this summer? If so, now’s the time to plan and implement some energy-saving strategies. Try these easy and effective suggestions to conserve energy without sacrificing comfort.

Use Ventilation and Fans

Turn on your ceiling fans with the blades spinning counter-clockwise and you can comfortably increase the A/C temperature setting by a few degrees to save energy. During milder weather, leave the fans running but shut off the A/C and open your windows at night. Take advantage of spot ventilation by using your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to get rid of steamy warm air from bathing, showering and cooking. Just make sure they’re vented outdoors and not into the attic.

Set the Thermostat Wisely

While you’re home and awake, set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Raise the setting by 10 to 15 degrees before you leave for the day and at night while everyone is sleeping. Installing a programmable thermostat is the most convenient way to schedule daily eight-hour temperature setbacks and cut your household energy consumption by up to 15 percent a year.

Optimize Equipment Efficiency

To keep the A/C running at maximum efficiency, schedule professional HVAC system maintenance and pay attention to system airflow. Vacuum the registers frequently to keep them dust-free and make sure they’re not closed or obstructed. You should also check the air filter monthly and replace it as needed. Keep tall vegetation trimmed back from the outdoor unit and periodically hose off the condenser coil.

Avoid Increasing the A/C’s Workload

Cook in the microwave or use the stovetop or outdoor grill instead of turning on the oven. Line dry the laundry and skip the heated-dry cycle on the dishwasher. To keep heat gain through your windows to a minimum, apply reflective window film or install insulated shades or blinds and keep them closed during the day.

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