Easy Tips for Reducing Your Water Heating Bills

Easy Tips for Reducing Your Water Heating Bills

Easy Tips for Reducing Your Water Heating BillsWater heating costs rank second only to cooling and heating expenses for driving up energy expenditures. You may find that you can easily reduce water heating bills by implementing no- and low-cost measures that will help keep more energy dollars in your pocket year-round. Following are a few pointers to get you started.

Clear the Sediments

Every few months, hook a hose to the water spigot at the base of the tank and drain a quart. The hard water deposits that collect at the base of the tank slow the heating process.

Turn the Temperature Down

Keeping the temperature at 120 degrees slashes heating bills, prolongs the life of the water heater and reduces the risk of scalding injuries. Most dishwashers have a heat setting to boost the temperature of the incoming water to 140 degrees. It costs far less to use the heat boost for the few gallons of water the dishwasher uses than it does to keep the water heater at 140 degrees continually.

Fix the Leaks

Leaking plumbing fixtures waste water along with the energy it took to heat it. Replacing the washers or o-rings in faucets is a fairly simple project.

Use Less

When you need to replace your plumbing fixtures, look for those with the WaterSense label issued by the U.S. EPA to designate the most efficient faucets and shower heads. You’ll also find inexpensive WaterSense aerators to insert in existing faucets, which is an easy way to reduce water heating bills.

Insulate the Water Heater

If your water heater is warm to the touch, it’s radiating heat outside; this is called standby heat loss. Home improvement centers sell insulating blankets that reduce this heat loss. Make sure to measure the tank before you go shopping and determine whether it’s gas or electric.

When you wrap the water heater, be certain you don’t cover the thermostat. Gas water heaters need extra care to avoid blocking the airflow into and out of the water heater.

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