Learn About the Great Benefits of Zoned HVAC Systems

Learn About the Great Benefits of Zoned HVAC Systems

Learn About the Great Benefits of Zoned HVAC SystemsFayette’s intense summers don’t make it easy to stay cool, and certain home designs further complicate the problem. Zoned HVAC systems can help by ensuring even, comfortable temperatures in every room.

Zoning for Comfort and Savings

A zoned heating and cooling system creates “zones” or parts of the house that can be cooled and heated independently from each other. To accomplish this, the system uses dampers in the ducts to direct airflow, a programmable thermostat for each zone and a control panel to manage the system. As a result, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

  • More even temperatures – A zoned system solves the problem of rooms or parts of the house that are hard to cool or heat. You won’t have to over cool or over heat one part of the house to achieve a reasonable temperature in another.
  • Greater control – There may be times when you need a little extra cooling or heating in a certain part of the house. For instance, if you’re doing a lot of cooking, extra air conditioning near the kitchen can help you stay comfortable. Depending on its design, a zoned system can make this kind of control a reality.
  • Energy savings – When you no longer have to raise or lower your thermostat temperature just to accommodate for one part of the house, you can select more energy efficient temperatures and lower your energy bills.

When to Consider Zoning

Zoned HVAC systems are best suited to certain home designs and situations. These include:

  • Multi-story houses
  • Houses with multiple wings
  • Finished attics and basements
  • Cathedral, vaulted and other high ceilings
  • Picture windows, bay windows and other expanses of glass
  • Houses with little-used areas like formal dining rooms, guest rooms or spare bedrooms.

Zoning also makes it easier to keep a home addition comfortable. A room or group of rooms built on to an existing house often have different cooling and heating needs from the rest of the house. A zoned system lets you manage temperatures in these areas separately from each other.

To learn more about how zoned HVAC systems can keep your home in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone or Brooks more comfortable, contact us at Powers Heating and Air.

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