Top Factors Affecting Home Comfort

Top Factors Affecting Home Comfort

Top Factors Affecting Home ComfortWhen you think of home comfort, do you think of the temperature inside, humidity level or health of the indoor air? If you chose one or more of these factors affecting home comfort, you’re right on the money. To optimize the comfort in your Peachtree City home, read on to learn how these elements should work together.

Indoor Humidity

Indoor humidity is relative to comfort and indoor air quality. If it’s too humid inside your home during the summer, your body’s natural cooling mechanisms don’t work as well, and you’re tempted to turn down the thermostat. When indoor air is too dry in the winter, you want to crank up the thermostat to feel warmer.

Additionally, the amount of moisture in the air impacts indoor air quality and microorganisms. When humidity is too high, mold growth is more common, and dust mites may be in your bedding, clothes and furnishings.

A well-maintained A/C helps mitigate high humidity to a degree, though you may need a mechanical solution if humidity is too high or too low. Whole-house dehumidifiers and humidifiers work to control humidity throughout the home.

Temperature Control

If you’re mindful of high energy bills, temperature control is probably a daily chore. You turn up the thermostat when leaving for work, only to return to an uncomfortable home. If you forget to adjust the thermostat, you’ve wasted energy all day long.

Programmable thermostats are effective devices that help you control temperature and energy bills with automatic changeover periods. If you use one, you can leave home without worrying about  adjusting the thermostat, and then return in the evening to a comfortable home.

Airborne Contaminants

Indoor contaminants affect home comfort, too. You may not perceive it as such, but when allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments flare up, it’s impossible to be comfortable. Whole-home air cleaners purify the air as it passes through the air ducts. There are many types to choose from to target the contaminants you want mitigated.

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