Easy Ways to Conserve Energy While You’re On Vacation

Easy Ways to Conserve Energy While You’re On Vacation

Easy Ways to Conserve Energy While You're On VacationIf you’re planning a vacation to escape the Peachtree City heat for a while, you already know you won’t be using as much air conditioning while you’re gone. By taking a few more steps to conserve energy while on vacation, you can make a real dent in your utility bills this summer.

Make Smart Cooling Choices

Whether or not you should leave your air conditioner on or off depends on the length of your vacation. If you’re going on a weekend getaway and the weather at home isn’t expected to be extremely hot, it’s worth leaving the A/C off.

Contrary to popular assumption, it takes more energy to maintain a consistently cool temperature for a day or two than to cool down a hot building. This is true even if you raise your thermostat temperature to 85 degrees. If you choose to leave the A/C on, though, set it four degrees higher than usual for optimal savings during a short trip away.

For trips of more than two days, leaving your air conditioning on has some benefits. The A/C helps prevents the buildup of humidity and extreme heat, which can damage wood flooring, leather furniture and even electronics.

If you have a programmable thermostat, select the “hold” or “vacation” setting at a temperature of 85 degrees. Then program the system to return to 72 degrees the day you plan to get back. If your thermostat isn’t programmable, set it to 85 degrees.

Around the House

To limit the amount of heat that comes in, close your drapes and blinds. If you’re concerned about the “closed up” look attracting burglars, cover the south- and west-facing windows and leave the others open.

For longer vacations, turn off your water heater at the breaker and close the cold water inlet valve. When you get home, open the valve again and turn on a hot water tap to make sure the tank is full before you turn the breaker back on.

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