Here’s Why You Should Look for HVAC Products With the Energy Star Logo

Here’s Why You Should Look for HVAC Products With the Energy Star Logo

Here's Why You Should Look for HVAC Products With the Energy Star LogoThe federal Energy Star program, which is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, recognizes products that are designed to be significantly more efficient than competing products with similar features, reducing energy usage and operating costs. Products that meet these specifications display the Energy Star logo, and choosing an Energy Star-qualified HVAC system has several advantages.

Lower Operating Costs

Choosing a cooling or heating system that features the Energy Star logo will reduce cooling or heating costs significantly. The average Energy Star-certified product uses between 10 and 20 percent less energy than conventional appliances, which will reduce your utility bills by a similar amount each month. Even if the initial price of an Energy Star-qualified system is higher, the extra investment will be earned back through lower energy costs over time.

Reduced Energy Usage

By lowering the energy consumption of products like air conditioners or furnaces, the Energy Star program helps to conserve natural resources like coal, natural gas and oil, which are used to fuel appliances directly or to generate electricity at power plants. HVAC systems are some of the largest energy consumers in the average household, so even small improvements in efficiency can greatly reduce consumption of these limited resources.

Less Pollution 

Fuels like coal, oil and natural gas generate pollutants when burned, which can make the air in densely populated areas unhealthy to breathe. They also significantly increase the amount of carbon expelled into the atmosphere. Energy Star-certified products help make the air safer to breathe and have reduced carbon emissions by more than two billion metric tons over the previous 20 years.

Rebates and Incentives

Many local or state governments offer incentives for installing Energy Star-qualified products, such as rebates that can make the purchase price equal to or less than conventional appliances. Utility companies may offer incentives as well, and there may be federal tax credits available for certain types of systems, such as geothermal heat pumps.

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