Are You Aware of These Common A/C Condensate Drain Issues?

Are You Aware of These Common A/C Condensate Drain Issues?

Are You Aware of These Common A/C Condensate Drain Issues?Most homeowners would probably agree that the A/C system is a marvelous machine. It cools your home and workplace, and helps mitigate humidity. However, the condensation produced by incidental dehumidification can pose problems if the system isn’t professionally maintained. Read on to learn about A/C condensate drain issues that may crop up this season.

Clogged Drain Trap

As warm airflow blows across the evaporator and fins, large quantities of condensate form and drip into the condensate pan. Condensate carries bacteria and debris with it through the drain system. Before you know it, algae and debris can clog the drain trap in the A/C system when left unchecked. If this happens to your system, the drain pipe should be discarded and replaced.

Water Leaks

There are a few things that need to occur for the A/C drain system to overflow and spill water inside your home. A clogged drain trap is the usual suspect, which backs up water in the condensate pan. If your air conditioner has a backup overflow pan with a float switch, the float switch will shut down the A/C before water spills over.

A leaky condensate pan can cause water spillage in your home. Leaks may occur from a rusted and corroded condensate pan, or a crack in a plastic condensate pan may leak water. Again, the water overflow may be caught by the backup pan, though not all cooling systems have a secondary condensate pan.

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