Reasons You Shouldn’t Neglect HVAC Maintenance

Reasons You Shouldn’t Neglect HVAC Maintenance

Reasons You Shouldn't Neglect HVAC MaintenanceYour cooling and heating system may be your home’s most expensive appliance, and it’s the one you rely on for comfort. Both of these are reasons you shouldn’t neglect HVAC maintenance. As if those reasons weren’t enough, there are even more valid concerns for giving your system the professional care it needs.

Energy Consumption

The cost of annual HVAC maintenance may be enough to offset the extra energy that a neglected system uses. As these run, some of the parts vibrate and can loosen over time. Electrical connections may get dirty and corrode. Motors use oil and their belts loosen and weaken. Refrigerant may leak.

Together, all this wear drives up the energy HVAC systems use. When HVAC technicians go through the equipment, they clean and make the adjustments necessary to bring the equipment back to the manufacturer’s specifications as closely as possible.

Premature Repairs

Besides keeping your system running as it was intended, routine maintenance staves off unexpected part failure. Whenever an air conditioner or heat pump runs with improper refrigerant levels, it stresses the compressor found in the outdoor condenser. The compressor is one of the most expensive parts to replace in central HVAC systems.


Even in the cooling mode, an HVAC system runs the risk of excessive heat building from dirty electrical parts, and this heat can start an electrical fire.

Having a gas furnace sits near the top of the list of reasons you shouldn’t neglect HVAC maintenance. Besides checking the integrity of the fuel lines and its venting, gas furnaces use safety switches whose operations need to be checked annually. The HVAC pro will also check the carbon monoxide (CO) levels coming from your furnace.

Elevated levels could indicate a cracked heat exchanger that poses a serious health hazard if it releases CO into your home’s air. Excessive dirt inside the air handler can cause this part to fail prematurely, and unless your system is under warranty, it’s seldom cost-effective to repair.

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