Learn the Ideal Location for a Split A/C Unit

Learn the Ideal Location for a Split A/C Unit

Learn the Ideal Location for a Split A/C UnitChoosing the ideal location for a split A/C unit helps ensure optimum cooling performance and energy efficiency, as well as easy access for routine maintenance. The wall-mounted indoor unit comprises the evaporator coil and blower fan, and it is linked to a downsized outdoor heat pump by a narrow conduit that extends through an exterior wall. Installation of a ductless split A/C unit by qualified professionals can usually be done in less than one day. Here are some standards to keep in mind for the ideal location for a split A/C unit.

Indoor Air Handler

Locate the indoor air handler in a place were it can distribute air to all parts of the room. Make sure the indoor unit is easy to reach and not obstructed by heavy furniture or other objects that will have to be moved when regular maintenance is required.

The air handler should be attached to an exterior wall and located 50 feet or less from the heat pump installation outdoors. A three-inch hole in the wall will need to be made to accommodate the refrigerant conduit. The unit should be no closer than two inches from the ceiling. Also, keep it at least three feet from any permanent installations like a television or home entertainment equipment.

Outdoor Heat Pump

About the size of a large suitcase, this component usually weighs about 120 pounds and can be installed on a concrete pad, atop concrete blocks or attached to the outdoor wall with stand-off brackets. Make sure the unit is located in a shaded area with unobstructed airflow. Thick shrubbery or other vegetation should be cut back or removed to provide at least two feet of open space on all sides.

Where the heat pump unit is attached to an exterior wall, allow at least 20 inches of open space above it. The standoff mounting brackets should extend far enough to mount the unit four inches away from the wall.

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