Discover the Best Place to Put Your Tankless Water Heater

Discover the Best Place to Put Your Tankless Water Heater

Discover the Best Place to Put Your Tankless Water HeaterA tankless water heater is an efficient way to increase hot water in your Peachtree City home. It’s important to place your water heater correctly for proper operation. Keep these considerations in mind to make sure you choose the ideal placement for your new tankless water heater installation.

Near High-Demand Areas

Consider where you most want to have access to hot water. Are you battling cold showers? Do you want a more readily available supply of hot water for your clothes washer? Place your water heater as close as possible to the area where you want to provide the hot water supply. You can even install multiple water heaters in your home if you have a lot of space to cover.

With Direct Venting

Venting is important for a tankless water heater. Ideally, your water heater will have the shortest vent possible with a minimal number of bends. Place your heater somewhere you can utilize a short, straight vent whenever possible.

Away from the Elements

Your water heater should not be exposed to the elements. If you must place it outside, keep it away from insects, rain, and direct sunlight. If the water in the heater freezes, it can cause serious damage to the unit. It is safe from freezing when it’s on, but if you lose power, the water heater is at risk if it’s placed outside, so it’s important to protect it from freezing.

With proper placement and regular maintenance, you can enjoy hot, efficient water from a tankless water heater. Keep these considerations in mind as you upgrade your water heater. For assistance managing your home comfort needs, contact Powers Heating & Air.

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