Four Tips to Creatively Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Four Tips to Creatively Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Four Tips to Creatively Hide Your Outdoor HVAC UnitAn outdoor HVAC unit is a necessity for homeowners with a whole-house air conditioner, but this bulky box can mar the otherwise tranquil landscape of your yard. You can hide this unit in several ways, but there are some important considerations to take into account as well. Use these tips to find the right solution for your landscaping.

Leave Room to Breathe

Ventilation is the most important consideration when you’re concealing your HVAC unit. Whether you use shrubbery, a commercial cover, or other outdoor constructions, you must provide adequate ventilation. If your HVAC unit is contained within a sealed box, it will have to struggle for air and may suffer compressor damage. Planting bushes too close to the unit may result in clogged vents from loose foliage.

Avoid Fitted Covers

You can find some commercial covers that fit snugly over the exterior HVAC unit. This is only an adequate choice for months when you’re not using the unit at all. If it is operating, you cannot use this type of close-fitting cover. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s designed for HVAC units. It can still impede air flow and may damage the unit.

Include Ground Cover

Plants are a great way to conceal your unit, but you should keep them about 3 feet away on every side. To make sure your shrubs and other plants don’t grow too close to the unit, surround it with ground cover. Rocks are the ideal choice, as mulch can get sucked up into the unit.

Consider Fencing Carefully

A fence with an open design and proper ventilation is a great way to conceal your outdoor HVAC unit, but you may run into some legal constraints. Many residential areas have laws that limit the height of fencing. The typical limit is between 4 and 6 feet, but check the regulations in your neighborhood before you begin any exterior construction.

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