How Maintenance Agreements Can Help You

How Maintenance Agreements Can Help You

How Maintenance Agreements Can Help YouAn HVAC maintenance agreement ensures your HVAC equipment gets the regular upkeep necessary for maximum efficiency and comfort. But it also assures that, should you ever need additional work, you’ll get a break on that expense, as well. Heating and cooling systems come with a long estimated service life and certain specifications for energy consumption and performance. However, all these parameters assume your system receives regular preventive maintenance. Also, most manufacturer’s warranties require proof of annual maintenance by qualified technicians to remain in force. Here are five good reasons to opt for an HVAC maintenance agreement:

Seasonal Service

Manufacturers recommend cleaning, inspection, and adjustment of furnaces and air conditioners at the outset of the heating and cooling season, respectively. In addition to ensuring that your system delivers on the manufacturer’s promises for performance and efficiency, these annual check-ups provide an opportunity for a qualified field technician to spot any incipient problems that could turn into major malfunctions later in the season.

Repair Discounts

Wear and tear happens on all mechanical devices, including the most carefully maintained HVAC system. Should you ever need repair service, you’ll receive discounted flat rate pricing on the cost of both labor and parts.

Lower Operating Costs

HVAC equipment regularly maintained to manufacturer’s specs consumes less energy. Since the cost of heating and cooling now exceeds 50 percent of the energy expenditures in an average household, any efficiency gains you make can deliver a substantial payback.

Priority Treatment

When heating and cooling issues happen, they have a way of occurring at the worst possible time. Whether you need service during regular working hours—or overnight or on a holiday weekend—you’ll get moved to the head of the line and a service tech will be at your house ASAP.

Familiar Faces

You know and trust your local HVAC contractor. A maintenance agreement ensures you’ll be dealing with an established member of your local community—not an outsourced, third-party service company based elsewhere.

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