Don’t Forget These Home Maintenance Tips this Fall

Don’t Forget These Home Maintenance Tips this Fall

Don't Forget These Home Maintenance Tips this FallAlong with getting your HVAC system prepared for the winter season, you should also perform some important maintenance tasks on your home this fall. Here are some of the most useful and energy-saving home maintenance projects you can do this year.

  • Add or increase insulation: Insulation restricts the flow of heat, which helps keep heat inside your home in the winter and cool air inside during warmer months. Find areas of your home that need insulation to improve both energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Common areas of insulation need are walls, roof, ceilings, foundation and floors. If your attic hasn’t been insulated, focus some resources and attention on insulating this important area.
  • Find and seal air leaks: Air leaks in your home can lead to the waste of significant amounts of energy and money as warm air drifts away unused. Seal gaps, cracks, holes and other openings with caulk or other appropriate material. Look for leaks around door and window frames, at points where wires or pipes come through the wall, and areas where the foundation contacts the house frame. Put rubber or foam weatherstripping around doors and windows to seal gaps and add rubber sweeps or other barriers to the bottoms of doors to prevent drafts.
  • Check the roof: Look for damage or deterioration on the roof. This can include loose or missing shingles, holes in the roof and other problems. Make sure the roof is professionally repaired to prevent both water leaks and air loss through holes or gaps.
  • Clean the gutters: Remove any accumulations of leaves, sticks and other material from the gutters around the roof. Make sure downspouts are also clear and that water can flow through them easily. Trim plants, tree limbs and other vegetation so there is space between the roof and outer house walls and the source of vegetation.

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