Keep Fall Allergy Symptoms at Bay with Improved Indoor Air Quality

Keep Fall Allergy Symptoms at Bay with Improved Indoor Air Quality

Keep Fall Allergy Symptoms at Bay with Improved Indoor Air QualityFor allergy sufferers, the transition to fall means more than just cooler weather and preparation for the holidays. It can also mean significant discomfort as allergy symptoms kick in. By improving the indoor air quality of your home, however, you can help minimize these symptoms. The following list showcases a few of the ways you can tend to indoor air quality this season.

  • Change HVAC system air filters: Make sure your heating system has new filters in place when you start it up this year. The filters play an important role in removing particulates and other contaminants from your indoor air. New filters will ensure that your HVAC equipment can clean the air in your home as effectively possible as it circulates through the system.
  • Install air cleaning or purification devices: If you need better air filtration than what your HVAC system can provide on its own, install an air cleaning or purification system for additional filtration. These devices are installed so that all the air moving through the HVAC system also moves through high-quality filters to remove additional allergens and contaminants from the air. Depending on your needs, you can get air purification systems that can remove more than 99 percent of the allergy-causing material in your indoor air.
  • Increase ventilation: Increase the amount of ventilation the inside of your home receives. A steady influx of fresh air from outside will keep your home’s interior cleaner, while the removal of stale, indoor air will ensure allergens, particulates and other contaminants are moved out of your home. An easy way to increase ventilation is by opening windows and doors when outdoor temperatures permit. Higher-quality ventilation systems, such as heat-recovery ventilators, are available that can provide ventilation at the whole-house level while reclaiming heat energy in the outgoing air.

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