Water Heater Maintenance: Have a Pro Flush the Sediment

Water Heater Maintenance: Have a Pro Flush the Sediment

Water Heater Maintenance: Have a Pro Flush the SedimentIt is easy for homeowners to forget about a water heater unless something goes wrong. However, water heaters need regular maintenance in order to work safely and efficiently. An important part of this is flushing out the sediment. Here is why you should have a professional flush your tank every six months.

Sediment Reduces Energy Efficiency

Water contains naturally-occurring minerals and in time, these minerals separate from water and settles at the bottom of the tank. As this debris collects, it acts as a barrier to the transfer of heat from the flame or heating element and the water. The more sediment there is, the longer it will take to heat water to the desired temperature. This results in more energy use. When the tank is regularly flushed and cleaned, it will heat the water more quickly and easily. You might even find you can turn the water heater temperature down, which will save you more money.

Sediment Clogs Valves

Water heater sediment can also cause other problems besides a reduction in energy efficiency. If it is allowed to build up enough, it can clog the drain valve or be pushed through piping and reduce water pressure. If sediment restricts flow too much, pipes can burst.

Don’t assume that your tankless model doesn’t need to be flushed. Sediment buildup in these causes similar problems.

What to Expect During the Visit

Your contractor will turn off the water and power to the unit, open hot water faucets in the home, and hook up a drainage hose to the tank’s drain valve.

Next, the contractor will allow the old water in the tank to drain completely before flushing the tank for several minutes with clean water.

In the end, the hose is disconnected and the tank refilled. At this time, many contractors also inspect other components of the water heater to make sure everything is operating as it should.

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