What to Do About Heat Loss in Your Home

What to Do About Heat Loss in Your Home

What to Do About Heat Loss in Your HomeIn most homes, heat loss is a major source of wasted energy and money. Here is a brief explanation of residential heat loss and what you can do to correct the problem.

Problems from Heat Loss

  • Reduced indoor comfort: Heat loss means there will be areas with inconsistent temperatures inside your home. Some spots will be cooler than others, reducing overall comfort.
  • Extra expense: When heated air leaks out of your home, you not only lose that air, but you have to pay to heat more air to make up for the loss. This means you pay more than necessary to heat your home.
  • Unneeded wear on equipment: As it works to make up for heat loss, your heating system endures unneeded wear and tear. Overworked HVAC equipment is more likely to malfunction or fail, requiring a costly repair. Extra wear will also reduce the equipment’s functional lifespan.

Fixing Heat Loss

  • Find and seal air leaks: Locate holes, cracks and gaps where warm air can leak out of your home or cold air can get in. Seal these openings with caulking. Typical areas where air leaks occur include around door and window frames, at points where pipes or wires penetrate the walls, and where foundations contact the house frame. Apply weatherstripping around doors and windows to stop drafts.
  • Tend to HVAC ductwork: Heat loss and air leaks in the HVAC ductwork can waste substantial amounts of money and energy. Make sure duct sections fit together tightly and that the connections are sealed with mastic or metal tape. Insulate the ductwork to stop heat loss through the material of the ducts.
  • Check dampers: Make sure any fireplace dampers are closed to prevent air loss through the chimney.
  • Add more insulation: Increase insulation in walls, floors, ceilings, crawl spaces, basements and attics to help reduce heat loss. Install blanket-style insulation between beams and joists in walls and floors.

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