Improve Comfort with a Home Humidifier

Improve Comfort with a Home Humidifier

Improve Comfort with a Home HumidifierPeachtree City may not experience the iciest winters, but it’s still important to prepare for the cold weather. With modern furnaces and effective house insulation, it’s generally safe to assume that you will be warm all winter. However, the problem is that the equipment keeping your family toasty also dries out your home’s air.

Using a humidifier is an effective way of returning the moisture to the air. Small units are inexpensive to purchase, but they only treat the area around them and can’t regulate how much mist your home needs.

A whole-house humidifier is the easiest solution to these obstacles. You can simply program the thermostat with the desired amount of humidity. It measures the moisture in the room and adjusts its output accordingly. The moisture is sent directly into the air passing through the heating ducts so that the air always stays comfortable. Here are some ways that having a whole-house humidifier can make your home more comfortable:

  • Moist air is perceived as warmer than dry air, even when it is precisely the same temperature. Without needing to raise your thermostat one degree, adding water vapor to the air means that your family will feel warmer.
  • Dry air creates static electricity. While being shocked by static electricity is harmless to people, it is still painful and startling. It can also destroy computers and other devices holding data.
  • Cloth, leather & parchment, and wood products such as paper and boards suffer in dry conditions. Your furniture, musical instruments and even floorboards will crack and show signs of premature aging.
  • Those with asthma find it difficult to breathe with extremely dry air. People living in arid conditions are more prone to upper respiratory infections, congestion, and sore throats. Red, chapped and cracked skin is also caused by dry air.

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