Want to Perform a Home Energy Evaluation? Use this Checklist

Want to Perform a Home Energy Evaluation? Use this Checklist

Want to Perform a Home Energy Evaluation? Use this ChecklistFor homeowners who want to save money on their monthly energy usage, a home energy evaluation is an excellent first step. This type of evaluation shows you where you are using or losing energy and gives you the opportunity to correct problems that can drive your costs up.

  • Check the insulation: Insulation keeps warm air inside during the winter and outside during the summer. Check your walls, ceilings, floors, foundation, attic, and basement for the proper amount of insulation. Pay particular attention to the attic and uninsulated areas such as crawl spaces. Substantial amounts of warm air and energy can be lost in those spots.
  • Look for air leaks: When warm air leaks out of your home, you’ve not only lost air you’ve already paid to heat, you also have to pay for more air to make up for the loss. Find any areas of air loss and seal them. Look around doors and windows, at points where pipes or wires enter your home through the wall, and at spots where the foundation and attic floor contact the frame. Caulk holes, cracks, and gaps to seal them.
  • Check the ductwork: Air loss in the ductwork of your heating or cooling system can be extremely wasteful and expensive. Make sure the ducts are properly insulated and that each duct section is intact and undamaged. All sections should fit snugly together and all connections should be sealed with mastic or metal tape.
  • Call a pro: If you want to get the best possible results from an energy evaluation, contact your HVAC professional about performing one. Experts have tools, equipment, and techniques that most homeowners don’t. They may, for example, use thermographic scanners to find areas of heat loss or may run a blower door test to find the smallest and best hidden air leaks in your home. BPI Certification is a plus also as this lets you know that they have passed a professional course on home energy audits.

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