Should You Consider Adding Ductless Mini Splits in Your Home?

Should You Consider Adding Ductless Mini Splits in Your Home?

Should You Consider Adding Ductless Mini Splits in Your Home?If more conventional HVAC systems aren’t the best solution for your home, a ductless mini split may offer an energy efficient and convenient solution. This is an innovative solution that combines the same performance and comfort that central systems provide, minus the ductwork.

Ductless systems are available as air conditioners and heat pumps, and the latter will double as a heating system. The two main parts for either are the indoor air handlers and the outdoor condensers. A narrow conduit connects the two, providing the refrigerant, power, and drainpipe.

Advantages of Ductless Systems

These systems are inherently more energy efficient than central systems that use ductwork for air delivery. Their lack of ducts avoids the thermal and air losses that central systems often have, since the air handlers blow the conditioned air directly into the room or space where they’re placed. Besides their lack of ductwork, they offer:

  • The same energy efficiency that central systems do.
  • Easy installation. Although they require professional installation, ductless mini splits are much simpler to install than a central system because of the lack of ducts and the pre-installed refrigerant, wiring and drainage.
  • Flexibility. Depending on the configuration of the space, the air handler can be placed on the floor, the wall, or the ceiling.
  • Individual comfort. Each air handler has its own thermostat that lets you select the most comfortable temperature for each area you condition. You can also turn the air handler off when you’re not using the room, saving even more energy.
  • Expandability. A larger ductless mini split can accommodate four separate air handlers, which makes it possible to condition an entire home with mini split systems.

Climate Considerations

In this region, looking for a ductless heat pump that has a higher HSPF (heating season performance factor) will provide enough heat to get through the coldest weather we experience. Features like a scroll compressor or one that uses inverter technology raise the HSPF and produce more heat.

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