Ways to Alleviate the Load on Your Furnace

Ways to Alleviate the Load on Your Furnace

Ways to Alleviate the Load on Your FurnaceTo save energy this winter, your primary goal should be to reduce the heating load on your central heating system, whether it’s a furnace or a heat pump. The heating load is the amount of energy that’s required to make your Georgia home feel comfortable, and reducing that load is essential if you want lower heating bills. But how do you do it?

Following are some tactics for reducing the workload (aka heating load) on your heating system. The bonus is that in most cases, these steps also will reduce your summer cooling load.

Check the air filter — A dirty filter will force the blower motor or air handler to work harder than necessary to push air through the filter and ductwork. This requires more energy and stresses system components. Inspect the filter monthly and change it when it looks dirty.

Upgrade insulation — Proper insulation – both in amount and type – will keep heat inside your home longer, minimizing the amount of work your furnace has to perform. Attic insulation is especially important, since heat in your living spaces tends to transfer upward into the attic unless it’s properly insulated and sealed.

Seal air leaks — When warm air is escaping from your home via leaks in walls, windows, doors and the attic, your furnace must work all the harder to compensate. Use weatherstripping, caulk and spray foam to seal air leaks. Patrol the interior of your outer walls with an incense stick or smoke pencil, and look for places where air movement makes the smoke waver. This signals an air leak.

Don’t heat an empty house — Use a programmable thermostat to save energy during times when your home is empty or overnight when everybody is sleeping. You can program energy-saving setbacks to match your daily and weekly schedule.

Upgrade inefficient windows — Leaky, old windows can be replaced with Energy Star-certified windows that minimize energy loss.

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