Why Air Balancing is Necessary for Your Home

Why Air Balancing is Necessary for Your Home

Why Air Balancing is Necessary for Your HomeIf it’s difficult to heat and cool your home evenly and your energy bills have increased, you may fear there’s a serious issue with the furnace, air conditioner or heat pump. When your HVAC technician investigates the problem, you may be surprised to learn that unbalanced system airflow is to blame. Professional air balancing can help remedy the situation and get your HVAC system functioning properly again.

How Professional Air Balancing Works

Balanced airflow isn’t a given, but it’s necessary for your HVAC system to perform at its best. To achieve it, your HVAC equipment and duct system must be accurately sized for the load requirements of your home. The ducts also have to be sized to match the square footage of the rooms they serve, so the correct amount of conditioned air is delivered.

A technician begins the air balancing process by performing a series of diagnostic tests and measurements, such as:

  • Static pressure on both the supply and return sides of the HVAC unit is measured using a manometer.
  • The amount of airflow at each supply and return grille is check using a flow hood.
  • Temperature, humidity and heat gain or loss are measured using a hygrometer.

Based on the test results and data that’s gathered, a technician can determine what improvements are needed to bring airflow back into balance. These necessary steps can include:

  • Correcting any deficiencies, then sealing and insulating your ductwork.
  • Adjusting the blower fan speed.
  • Installing additional return ducts.
  • Making changes to the setup of your air filtration unit, if you have one.
  • Adjusting the existing or adding additional ductwork dampers.
  • Recharging the refrigerant.
  • Cleaning the indoor evaporator coil.

After all the necessary improvements have been completed, your technician will perform additional tests to make sure your airflow is back in balance. Once it is, you’ll see the system’s energy efficiency bounce back, and you’ll have a more comfortable living environment with better humidity and temperature control.

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