Tips for Handling a Pressuring HVAC Salesperson

Tips for Handling a Pressuring HVAC Salesperson

Tips for Handling a Pressuring HVAC SalespersonTime spent with an HVAC salesperson should be encouraging and informative. If you feel like you are at a used car dealership being pressured into buying something, you are probably dealing with the wrong contractor. Here is what to watch for.

Spot the Tactics

There are good, ethical salespeople, and then there are some who want to make a sale no matter what it takes. Those in this latter group use several different tactics to persuade you to buy their product. If one tactic doesn’t work, they will often switch to a different one. Here are a few of those tactics:

  • The HVAC salesperson insinuates that if you don’t buy their specific brand of furnace, you are putting your children or home in jeopardy. This is just a tactic to persuade you through guilt. While it is true that you should have equipment that operates safely, choosing one brand over another doesn’t make you a more responsible or less responsible parent or homeowner.
  • Everyone in the neighborhood is getting this brand or this particular HVAC accessory. This is used to try to gain your trust in the product and to persuade you to get on the bandwagon. It is a common tactic in sales and you’ve probably seen it used in television commercials. Just because other people are getting a particular brand or a particular product does not mean it is right for your home.
  • This low price is only available today. A pushy HVAC salesperson uses this to pressure you into buying the product right away. However, when you are looking for a new HVAC system or services, you should take time to research and shop around.

Know When to Leave the Situation

If the HVAC salesperson won’t cease the aggressive sales tactics, it is time to leave. Your time and your opinion are valuable, and if someone is not valuing these then it is time to look for another contractor.

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