Consider Installing a Wi-Fi Thermostat for Your Home

Consider Installing a Wi-Fi Thermostat for Your Home

Consider Installing a Wi-Fi Thermostat for Your HomeIf you’re still regulating temperatures in your home with a basic programmable thermostat, or worse yet, an old-school manual thermostat, it’s time to consider the benefits of a Wi-Fi thermostat. These high-tech devices do much more than program temperature changes to save energy and money. Find out how a Wi-Fi (or smart) thermostat can improve energy efficiency and comfort in your Georgia home.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats

Versatile programming — Your first-generation programmable thermostat might be limited to one program for every day of the week. This is great if you live exactly the same schedule every day. Yet, not many people fit this description. A modern Wi-Fi thermostat should give you the option to set a different program for each day of the week. This means you’re never unnecessarily heating or cooling your home.

Remote control — With a wireless connection to your home’s thermostat, you can adjust temperature changes from work or play, and even when you’re on vacation, from a smart-phone, tablet or laptop. Say you find out you have to work till late; you can signal the thermostat to wait till you expect to be home before raising the temperature to your comfort level.

More than controlling the temperature — Most Wi-Fi thermostats will alert the homeowner to other issues, such as an air filter that needs to be changed or the necessity for humidity adjustment. Some will actually create energy reports, showing how you’re using energy in your home, enabling you to take steps to reduce that use.

Adaptive technology — Increasingly, these thermostats are being equipped with adaptive technology, which “learns” your energy habits and preferences. This reduces your need to interact with the thermostat, and minimizes energy waste due to operator error.

Wi-Fi thermostats are like anything else; you pay for what you get. The higher the cost, the more capabilities and advanced features you can expect in your new thermostat. If you upgrade your thermostat and you are on Georgia Power electric lines you may qualify for an added bonus of a rebate check from the power company.

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