Don’t Forget About HVAC Rebates

Don’t Forget About HVAC Rebates

Don't Forget About HVAC RebatesAlthough high-efficiency cooling and heating equipment will reward you with lower energy bills, the higher purchase costs can make this equipment seem out of reach. HVAC rebates bring the costs down, making efficiency affordable.

Rebates Extend Your Budget

An HVAC rebate lets you claim a partial refund on the amount you spent on heating and cooling equipment and related services. Utility providers and equipment manufacturers offer these incentives to help homeowners afford higher-efficiency equipment. Most of these rebates are available on the condition the equipment meets certain energy efficiency standards. These are often higher than Energy Star standards and are defined by each individual rebate provider. If you’re planning on cashing in on a rebate, carefully review the eligibility requirements before you buy.

To claim your rebate, you’ll need to fill in a form and mail it before the stated deadline. This can be as little as a month, so claim yours as soon as possible after purchase.

Where Rebates are Available

HVAC rebates are most commonly offered for heating and cooling equipment. This includes central air conditioners, room air conditioners, air-source (standard) heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers. The more efficient the equipment, the higher the rebate amount it can qualify for. Rebate providers often require A/Cs and heat pumps to reach at least SEER 14 and sometimes as high as SEER 16 in order to qualify.

In addition, rebates are often available for programmable thermostats. Less often, you may find rebates on water heaters, and high-efficiency doors and windows.

Weatherization and HVAC maintenance services frequently qualify for rebates because these services make your home more energy efficient. Rebates are offered for air sealing, duct sealing, and upgrading wall or attic insulation. As a bonus, these services can reduce the size of equipment your home needs, helping you afford higher-efficiency equipment. Occasionally, rebates are available for home energy efficiency evaluations, and HVAC equipment inspections and tuneups.

For help finding HVAC rebates on the equipment and services you need, contact us at Powers Heating & Air anywhere around Peachtree City.

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