Is a New Air Conditioner in Your Future? Use These Tips

Is a New Air Conditioner in Your Future? Use These Tips

Is a New Air Conditioner in Your Future? Use These TipsIf you’re planning to invest in a new air conditioner, keep in mind that your choice of equipment will have a direct impact on your household energy bills and home comfort for at least 10 to 15 years. Here are some tips to help you choose an A/C that brings you the greatest benefit.

  • Consider seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) — The minimum efficiency available is 13 SEER, and more efficient units have higher ratings. They cost more as well, but depending on the model you select, the energy savings you can gain may be significant.
  • Look for advanced features — Today’s A/Cs offer energy-saving options like variable-speed air handlers and two-stage compressors. Others features worth investigating are fan-only switches that allow you use just the blower fan for air circulation, and automatic delay switches that keep the blower running for a brief period after the compressor shuts down, which lets you benefit from all the cool air remaining in the ductwork.
  • Compare prices — Get a minimum of three written estimates from reputable installers. Each estimate should include the capacity and features of the specific equipment the contractor recommends, and a cost breakdown for equipment and installation so you can do an accurate price comparison.
  • Insist on correct sizing — An experienced contractor should size the equipment properly using Manuals J and S, and check the ductwork design using Manual D. Improper sizing or poor ductwork design can leave you with humidity and temperature control issues, unnecessarily high energy bills and equipment that’s prone to breakdowns or a premature component failures.
  • Ask about rebates and tax credits — Your HVAC contractor can advise you about any available rebates and credits, such as a rebate for purchasing equipment with a higher SEER rating, or a federal tax credit for buying an Energy Star-compliant air conditioner.

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