Don’t Forget About Your HVAC System While Spring Cleaning

Don’t Forget About Your HVAC System While Spring Cleaning

Don't Forget About Your HVAC System While Spring CleaningThe spring season is a beautiful time of year in Peachtree City. It’s also a popular time of year for a thorough house cleaning, clearing away clutter and storing winter items. Your HVAC system could probably use some deep cleaning, too. So, don’t forget about putting HVAC spring cleaning on your list this year.

Check the Air Filter

The furnace filter is necessary to protect components from the damage and reduced efficiency caused by dirt and debris accumulation. Use a high-efficiency filter and check it each month when you are using your cooling and heating systems the most.

Supply and Return Registers

Check the supply and return registers for dust and debris each time you vacuum or clean your flooring. Dirty registers may also be a sign of a poor-quality filter or dirty air ducts. If you are concerned about dirty air ducts due to respiratory ailments, call your HVAC provider for a duct inspection.

Clear the Condensate Drain

To cool your home, your A/C or heat pump uses very cold refrigerant to remove heat. The cold refrigerant is circulated through an indoor evaporator coil. As airflow blows across the coil, condensation forms on it. Ideally, the condensate drips into the condensate drain pan and flows through the drain tube.

However, the condensate also carries with it dirt and debris from the coil. Over time, the drain may become clogged and potentially overflow. Other contaminants, such as mold, may also act to block drainage.

Wipe the condensate pan using a 50/50 solution of bleach and water. Pour the remaining solution (at least one cup) into the condensate pan to clear the drain tube of microorganisms. Make sure that you have turned off power to the A/C or heat pump at the circuit breaker.

Outdoor Unit

Don’t forget the outdoor HVAC unit. With the power off, spray off the unit with a garden hose. Maintain at least three feet of unobstructed space around the sides of the unit to permit free airflow.

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