Maintaining Attic Safety

Maintaining Attic Safety

Maintaining Attic SafetyAttics are among the most inhospitable and hazardous spaces in the typical home. Though, there may be occasions when you need attic access, such as when installing insulation or simply storing personal items. No matter your reason, don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining attic safety!

Attic Hazards

Attics can be dark, dusty, and downright creepy. Though, there are greater hazards which you should be aware. Unfinished attics generally don’t have flooring to safely walk on. One wrong step between joists could mean falling through your own ceiling to the floor below!

Moreover, you should be mindful of unbearably hot conditions in the summer, exposed nails, low-hanging rafters, low light levels and possibly coming into contact with rodents, birds, squirrels, and/or stinging wasps.

Plan Ahead

Before you venture into your attic, make a plan and write it down. This will help your project be successful, and it will minimize the risk for accidents and the time spent inside. It’s better to have a helper with you in the attic. Though, if you are working alone, make sure someone knows where you are and your plans.

Following is a list of safety wear and materials you will need or may use for your attic project:

  • Clothing — Wear long sleeves and long pants to help protect your skin from abrasions and insulation particles. Wear safety gloves appropriate for your task.
  • Respirator — Be prepared for poor attic air quality by wearing a respirator. You may come into contact with airborne insulation particles or even black mold spores.
  • Goggles — Protect your eyes with safety goggles.
  • Hard hat — Don’t feel like you are overdoing safety by wearing a hard hat. It’s quite common for attics to have nails protruding through roof decking.
  • Lighting — Use hanging lights to help you see, and carry a flashlight for backup lighting in the event of a flipped breaker or power outage.
  • Timber — It’s highly suggested to use wide boards or plywood sections in order to walk safely in your attic.

If you have any questions about attic safety in your Peachtree City home, contact the experts at Powers Heating & Air today!

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